Spiritual Liberation Pilgrimage

Lifting up souls and restoring the ancient wisdom of Ubuntu (I am, because we are)  where one understands who they are and their purpose in life and how to live Harmoniously with the self and others.


- CFO/Director of Programs & Co Founder

Guided by many years of experience in the humanitarian and hospitality field, he will be responsible for the Administration, planning and the vision growth of AKWAABA SPIRITUAL LIBERATION PILGRIMAGE.

Sam Asare gained leadership qualities from an early age from 1994 to 2001, with support from a benevolent sponsor, he managed and catered for academic and social welfare of over 120 needy brilliant students in the Krobo area from primary University level.  He acquired a diploma of business Studies from Trans African College and a Diploma from the School of Hospitality and Hotel Management, he managed Chez-Lien Hotel Annex, Osu -Accra, from 2003 to 2008 with responsibilities including the day to day running of the guesthouse giving him the refined skills to serve in the field of hospitality.
He has compassion and is focused on human rights, youth and community organizing, between 2008-2020 and volunteered with Adolescent Friendly and Peer Educator’s Organization creating awareness , teaching children and mentoring youths in creative arts, bead designs and improving upon talents respectively.
He is a Krobo native, he launched “Sankofa UBUNTU Festival” in 2017 to rekindle the spirit of humanity and promote responsible, culture, heritage, retreats for diaspora’s and to enhance local tourism.
Sam Asare loves relaxing in nature, meditation, and listening to folklore music.

Contact: @ WhatsApp

 +233 50 343 5377


-Deputy Director/ Secretary

Albert will be responsible for the administration and management of all programs that are assigned to his field of expertise, which would be the Diasporan relocation packages., in the area of land aquisition and necessary documentation to fulfil the legal requirements of Ghana. Mananaging tour retreats, childrens programs etc. He is dedicated to the growth of AKWAABA SPIRITUAL LIBERATION PILGRIMAGE

Albert has several years of experience as an educator, working as  a teacher in the classroom. He was born in Cape Coast Ghana and takes pride of the Central Region of Ghana. He holds a diploama in Early Childhood Education and is a Fanti native and has hailed from a Christian family. He enjoys traveling and learning new things and also enjoys showin off his talents in the kitchen. He aslo has supported the community with his unique and exceptional talents, he is lively, joyful, loving, knwledgeful and a warm hearted person and showsing you around his homeland.

 Contact Albert @WhatsApp +233 54 728 2041


Creative Director/Transportation

Eliasu Adams brings his talent and skills as an entrepreneur owing his business which brings to us his creative Nature. As a Royal of Western region he will be responsible for the tours in the Area, He conducts workshops on Drumming and Dance lessons, black soap, shea butter soap, citronella oil and Neem oil preparation. He is responsible for the administration of the Home stay programs , transportation and culture. He is ready to support the mission of AKWAABA SPIRITUAL LIBBERATION PILGMIAGE.
His education was at the saint Augustines college in Cape Coast where he majored in History, Literature and Government. He also has a National Vocational Training Institute level certification in Computer system for Business. As a son of a chief who support the home coming of the Diaspora, he is ready to assist in the relocation of the Diaspora to Ghana. He is willing to take us through some unique and hidden treasures in the region, he looks forward to supporting and providing safe and efficient services to his clients during their stay in Ghana. He is focused on domestic tourism and also travel from arround the Globe into Ghana.

Contact: Eliasu @ WhatsApp +233 24 869 985

Cicely G

- Spiritual Resource & Co-Founder

Cicely has been studying Raj Yoga for the past 9 years as a Spiritual practice, during this time she has become a TV producer and host for the award-winning TV show called Give and Take the Virtues in Life. She has her Master’s in Psychology and a Bachelors in Early Childhood Development and continues to study for personal development. She is fully dedicated and invested in AKWAABA SPIRITUAL LIBERATION PILGRIMAGE.

Contact: @ WhatsApp+233 20 184 0217

She has Intensive experience as a Manager, Supervisor and a Director in the profit and nonprofit sectors; she made a career change into the field of education and started off by teaching parents the importance of them being their child’s first teacher by conducting workshops and individual training both in the community and their homes,

Her journey then led her to begin to live a very holistic life, that includes a plant based diet and so it encouraged a more natural way of healing and treating. In the quest for the continuous well being of the whole self,  she came across the ancient art of Reiki and decided this would be something that would be of use to self and others, so at present she is a certified Reiki Master.

Life, Business and Educational coaching is what she provides when requested but her focus right now is traveling the Globe working on international projects: professional, personal development, workshops and retreats to touch souls in any way that she can support them.

Check out her website http://www.regard4virtues.com  and her YouTube channel Cicely Soul Sojourn



Be a Part Of

Our Mission

Is to Inspire humanity for a peaceful coexistence, caring for each other and the earth, teaching ancient wisdom, Having respect for all regardless of age, gender, religion or cultural background. Each one being an instrument of self transformation, we encourage self realization, liberating thoughts for the mind that promotes mental and holistic well being, upholding universal virtues in order to experience life free from bondages, through various social programs such as meditation, education, workshops, seminars and retreats that will include eco farming and tourism that emcompasses (social responsibility) engagement both in person and virtual.  Our flagship theme is ”Liberating Thoughts for the Mind” and “Food for Thought” which emcompasses all  for a peaceful living (Ubuntu).

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  • One Year February 25th 2023. 
  • May you have many more 




Our Story

Collectively our NPO has decades of experience in the social programs area, we have served thousands of people globally. Based on our history we decided to come together and formulate this NPO in Ghana it has many facets to it as you will see as we tap into the expertise of each one of us.  We have put in countless of hours in volunteerism and have given our time, energy and money into what we believe would provide essential programs for many.

This NPO is to serve people not just in Ghana but across the globe in anyway that we can whether it be in Ghana or anywhere in the world. 

We are currently working with schools, religious insitutions, children and the Akuse Prison in Ghana to support their mission and cause. Visit www.regard4virtues.com for more information 

All services that will be provided, will not have a set cost for people to participate in but each one would be invited to contribute to the running of our programs. We believe that if even ( 1 ) penny is donated towards a program that they are participating in, there will be a return of that. It also adds personal value to what was recieved.

We welcome contributions from non participants to cover overheads and operational expenses and to sustain low cost for others to reap the benefits of your kind generosity.

You can participate in our supportive programs which starts with:

Gold level $200+ (Informal Ambassador) -gifts: Black Soap, White Soap, Fan, Bracelet, Neck Bead, Key holder, Neckalace Locket, Anklet, Fabric

Silver Level $100+ (Supporter) gifts: Black Soap, White Soap, Fan, Fabric, Bracelet

Copper Level $50+ (Contributor) gifts: Fan, Bracelet

Iron Level $25 + gifts: (Sponsor) Fan

You can give in person donations by using cash or if you are in Ghana the infamous MoMo (mobile money), global app REVOLUT or pay online using our SECURE donate link using credit card or debit cards or bank account when requested.  To make a contribution click on the link  http://www.regard4virtues.com

Our work will begin to grow and serve more by your generous contributions

Please contact us at contact@aslp.org for more detailed information.

“Ubuntu I am because we are in this together”

Akwaaba Spiritual Liberation Pilgrimage (aslpghana)

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